An Italian Drone (MP3)

"Elektra" by Dr. Guilty

Following up on yesterday’s beautiful drone by Darren Harper, here is another that builds a slow and singularly beautiful melodic exploration from what is, for stretches, easily mistakable for pure background tone. It’s “Elektra” by Dr. Guilty, and that so-to-speak mistake is, in fact, a willful intent, as “Elektra” ekes its sonic transitions precisely from, and within, the sort of acoustic ephemera that is so pervasive as to become virtually inaudible. It moves from prayer-bowl ripples to knife-blade glistens to near-choral density, occasionally making steep crescendos both up and down, yet never losing the sense of something hovering slightly above and beyond conscious perception.

Track posted for free download at Dr. Guilty is Gabriele Quartero of Biella, Italy, more from whom at

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