GIF in the Wind (MP3)

A guest GIFbites entry by otolythe


The GIFbites series continues to seek to locate the sonic equivalent of, the sonic score to, the phenomenon known as the animated GIF. The latest GIFbites entry, as always 15 seconds long, is a guest piece by friend-of-Disquiet otolythe. The uncharacteristically subdued GIF in question, shown above, could be a piece of toilet paper caught in a Levolor blind. The otolythe score is all television static, video-game sound effects, and distracted mastication — perhaps the very sounds of the living room that the Levolor in question guards from the harsh, suburban sun.

Track originally posted for free download at Animated GIF via Rules on GIFbites submissions are at GIFbites is orchestrated by the insightful and curious Daniel Rourke, more from whom at and

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