Cues: Roden Interview, 33+ Drones, Nicolai Book, …

Plus: echoes of Gregorian chant, Disquiet satellite operations, phasers

In Brief: Great interview with Steve Roden at, and there remains a full second part, due in a week. ¶ Some albums keep on growing, even after their initial release. 3m33s, organized by Montreal-based Le Berger, contains 33 drones, each three seconds over three and a half minutes in length, and each by a different participant (among them Grzegorz Bojanek, Scott Lawlor, Cinchel, Nils Quak, Matthew Barlow, Guy Birkin, Katie Gately, Ted James, subnaught, and the OO-Ray). Purchase a copy and you will also get any additional tracks that are produced: The music is excellent (it streams in full below), but that aside, the model is worth emulating.

¶ Lasers made from sound (, and resulting discussion whether phonic-based lasers are “phasers.” ¶ New book from Carsten Nicolai (aka Alva Noto), syn chron, “brings art, architecture, and music together in one inventive project” ( Sample image:


¶ The 63rd Disquiet Junto project, which was completed yesterday evening, resulted in 24 tracks of a surreptitious Gregorian chant recording being played back in a reverberant space and then transformed through digital approximations of echo. The weekly project series is nearing its 2,000th track, and has had well over 300 participants. ¶ Just the occasional reminder that there are outposts at and and and and and and, and (as @disquiet) on the recently released six-second video-loop app. Among other places.

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