Steady State Drones (MP3)

From nojoined, aka David Priestley of Leicester, Britain

20130405-nojoinedThe drones are thick, lengthy tubes that pass overhead, riddled with indents, flush with strange liquids, vibrating to some indiscernible rhythm. They move in odd ways, slowing suddenly to let Tesla-coil sparks fill the space. They rumble like a dead field reacting to sudden pressure change. They are the material from which the album Steady State by nojoined is made, six tracks of these menacingly beautiful, arterial explorations. Beats make themselves present, but the strongest work may be that, like the third track, “Steady State 3.2,” which is more about pulse than percussion (MP3). Steady State was released for free download by the netlabel. There are six tracks in all. Nojoined is David Priestley of Leicester, Britain, more from whom at

[audio:|titles=”Steady State 3.2″|artists=nojoined]

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