“Ambient Hip-Hop” …

... is how Patrick Ellis describes his piano-drum loop.

The SoundCloud interfaces provides tracks with the opportunity to be associated with an array of tags, to be situated amid a veritable cloud of tags, but one tag is always selected for its primacy. “Warm Fog” by Patrick Ellis gets “ambient hip-hop” as its main flag to fly, and the enticing semi-neologism provides appropriate sonic triangulation for what Ellis is up to. The music in “Warm Fog” is background material, and not in the pejorative sense. It’s piano, lulling and looped, alongside a trap-set beat. A deep tone and a substantial amount of vinyl surface noise rise to bridge the gap between the elements, to render them whole. At less than a minute and a half of running time, “Warm Fog” demands to be played on repeat, and at least one commenter has asked where the loop button is.

Track originally posted for free download at soundcloud.com/patrick. Ellis is based in Seattle, Washington.

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