Yes, There Is Virginia Noise (MP3)

A performance by Elian from this past Friday night


Michael Duane Ferrell records and performs as Elian, and he recently posted a nearly half hour live performance from the three-day RVA (Richmond, Virginia) Noise Festival. It’s a work of low-level dissonance, rather than the heavy thunder often mis-associated with the term “noise.”There are small fractures in the ether, acid dripping on frayed wires, distant drones slowly coming into sonic view. Toward the end, accrued chatter swells into something vaguely chaotic, but the effect has less to do with any particular drama at that moment and more with the relative contrast to what preceded it.

Track originally posted for free download at More from Elian/Ferrell at His set was recorded on Friday, April 28. It took place at Sound of Music Studios, more on which at

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