Brian Reitzel on Music for Film (MP3)

A podcast MP3 from the Echoes show

A while back, Brian Reitzel (The Virgin Suicides, Lost in Translation, Boss) talked with the Echoes radio show’s John Diliberto about his scores for film and television. Their discussion had a particular emphasis on the way his efforts as a music supervisor overlap with his composing (MP3). It’s especially interesting to learn how Reitzel’s editing/remixing provides a Venn Diagram overlap between his composing and his music selection — it comes across as almost seamless. Shortly after the broadcast, Boss was cancelled, and unfortunately the interview doesn’t cover his work on Hannibal. Reitzel’s latest film score is for the new Sofia Coppola movie, Bling Ring.

[audio:|titles=“Echoes Interview“|artists=Brian Reitzel]

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