New Disquietude podcast episode: music by Lesley Flanigan, Dave Seidel, KMRU, Celia Hollander, and John Hooper; interview with Flanigan; commentary; short essay on reading waveforms. • F.A.Q.Key Tags: #saw2for33third, #field-recording, #classical, #juntoElsewhere: Twitter, SoundCloud, Instagram

Listening to art. Playing with audio. Sounding out technology. Composing in code. Rewinding the soundscape.

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  • My essay on the wall at @root_division in SF, accompanying art by @salvagione, design by @boondesign. ->
  • So many chimes, so many chime puns to avoid. ->
  • Instagram self-doubt. ->
  • This is when I start photographing screenshots of my tweets and posting the photos to Instagram rather than vice-versa. Cc: @TheLionAltered in reply to TheLionAltered ->
  • Generation GPS: raised listening, from day one, to computerized voices give directions. ->
  • Eno’ Syndrome: pathology suffered by those who seek treatment at Montefiore Hospital to take in his installation: ->
  • An hour of music by 12 musicians, each piece in 4 parts, each part for a season built from a field recording: ->
  • My 2.7-year-old sang/hummed along with the bathing-suit drying machine ("water extractor") at the Y this morning. ->
  • What an earthquake sounds like. From the "share your story" board in quake exhibit at Academy of Science in GG Park…. ->
  • Been Monday dad for a year and half, spending each solo with my kid. Starting now I'm Saturday dad. Benefit: more open museums/galleries. ->
  • “My echolocation mechanism will get a fix on your reaction.”—The @GreatDismal, on reading from his new novel: ->
  • Increasingly fascinated by the acoustics (the sonic UI/UX) of conference calls. That and text-to-speech are my obsessions. ->
  • Tomorrow's newsletter includes a contest to win CDs of recent scores by Cliff Martinez & Nick Urata. Subscribe: ->
  • Parenting Protip: Think before teaching your toddler about the concept of human beatboxing. ->
  • RIP, rave promoter Paul Shurey (53): ->
  • New Disquiet e-newsletter ( ) out later today. Includes contest for CDs of scores by Cliff Martinez and Nick Urata. ->
  • New @sopercussion album, due out at the end of May, is tremendous: maximalist, minimalist, roaring, subtle. Preview: ->
  • A first for Disquiet: an exclusive stream. For the next week, is the only place to hear @peterkirn's Music for Dance. ->
  • Today in sound class: online social networks & digital retail. How audio travels through connections & commerce. Three weeks of class left. ->
  • Student presentations: calls-to-prayer, Gibson v. Fender, Daft Punk campaign, “non-Newtonian fluid meets subwoofer”( ) ->
  • Tomorrow's @djunto, the 70th weekly project, involves just 2 tones & 3 beats. And the 71st is shaping up to be a true first for the group. ->
  • Belated Tuesday noon siren mention: I was in the shower at the time. Echo echo echo … ->
  • TV music so differs from movie music. So much produced so quickly, it’s more patterning than narrative. Which is to say, I often love it. ->
  • 3D-Printed Bionic Ear Can Hear Radio Waves: A little early to award headline of the day, but this seems hard to beat. ->
  • Text appearing below Spotify link in Google search: “Spotify coming soon. Thanks for visiting Spotify. To us, music is everything.”Soon? ->
  • Thanks! MT @peterkirn: "Dance can't be stored" hear & read, my music for choreography. Loved doing this w/ @disquiet ->
  • When people who followed me due to my @peterkirn interview about abstract music for modern dance learn my favorite TV show of 2013 is Arrow. ->
  • Trio for outdoor drones on a hot day: airplane, rooftop HVAC, laptop fan. ->
  • text-to-speech-to-text: Thanks to @tobiasreber for the laugh. #faceoff #amplification ->
  • "Facebook is no longer supported in TweetDeck, on 7th May your Facebook account and Facebook columns will be removed." #oy ->
  • OK, this week's Disquiet Junto project is, I think, the most minimalist yet, yet nonetheless requires a not insignificant amount of effort. ->
  • The 70th @djunto project, making music from 2 tones & 3 beats, has gone live at: ->
  • So glad you dig. RT @GuyBirkin: [email protected] just got this week's @djunto project – a wicked convolution of simple elements. Great stuff. ->
  • RIP, Jeff Hanneman (b. 1964), founding guitarist in Slayer (my wife and my first concert together). ->
  • Greg Ginn plays theremin on the new (somewhat Fugazi-ish) Black Flag song, “Down in the Dirt”: #yesnew #freedownload ->
  • Every unformatted plain text mass email now looks like it came from @thelistserve. ->
  • Not everyday I find myself making a Slayer reference and a Black Flag reference. Turbonegro's Vans deal isn’t enough to make it a trifecta. ->
  • 20th anniversary of Mosaic browser a month away. That it isn't the defining anniversary of 2013 is a testament to the innovation's ubiquity. ->
  • Fireworks? #94121 ->
  • Of that I have no doubt. RT @thelistserve: @disquiet hey we are THE canonical modern day plain text mass email. :) ->
  • If you're in/near Cleveland, Janet Cardiff is talking about the Forty-Part Motet @ClevelandArt on Sunday: ->
  • Thanks! MT @notrobwalker: Motherboard on "YouTube's Rap Instrumental Subculture" (cc: @disquiet if you haven't seen.) ->
  • “The internet is positive about doom metal.” ->
  • Ha! RT @KenMcCandless: [email protected] "The Internet is negative about dubstep." There's hope yet. ->
  • Music for 2 tones & 3 beats: The most minimal Disquiet Junto project yet. Four tracks so far. Just getting started. ->
  • The biggest change to Valencia Street's soundscape since I moved to California in 1989 is the constant presence of construction. #415 ->
  • Sending a test post via Buffer. ->

By Marc Weidenbaum

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