Weary Decadence (MP3)

A collaboration between Michael Ash Sharbaugh and Adrian Hallam

With its lulling melody, ominous overtones, and the fragments of lightly tweaked vocal elements, “The Parting,” credited to Michael Ash Sharbaugh and Adrian Hallam (the latter aka Blue Room Green), could be a lost Angelo Badalamenti track. It has the enjoyably coy longueurs of weary decadence. Hallam is credited with guitar, Oberheim synth, and found sounds, and Sharbaugh with vocals, synthesizers, found sounds, and sound manipulations:

Track originally posted for free download at soundcloud.com/michael-ash-sharbaugh. More from Hallam, who is based in Australia, at twitter.com/BlueRoomGreen. More from Sharbaugh, who is based in Decatur, Georgia, at twitter.com/MDSharbaugh.

2 thoughts on “Weary Decadence (MP3)

  1. Dear Mr .Weidenbaum,

    Good Day! How are you? I just now saw the write-up you gave Adrian Hallam’s and my “The Parting.” I want to say that I deeply appreciate your affections toward the track, just as I concede to my own. It was a treat for mine eyes! Thank you for such a generous write-up.

    Here’s to you and to many more Disquiet Junto projects ‘together.’ Cheers!

    Michael [Ash Sharbaugh] https://soundcloud.com/michael-ash-sharbaugh

  2. Hi Marc,

    Thank you for the lovely write up about “The Parting”. I Really appreciate it. Michael mixed this version together with the stems from our other track together “the separation of Grays” : https://soundcloud.com/blue-room-green/the-separation-of-grey-brg-mix

    We ended up with three different versions of the track and i think what Michael did with this mix was definitely the standout of the three. I am a huge fan of Angelo Badalamenti, so any comparison there is a major complement to us both.

    Thank you Kindly


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