The Acoustic Laptop (MP3)

The sounds of one of Tore Honoré Bøe's sonic wunderkammers


It’s all scraped, noisy metal and these tones that echo in seeming slow-motion. The track, “acoustic laptop ”˜xen’ (edit)”by Norwegian musician Tore Honoré Bøe, teeters at the place where microsound meets European free improvisation, where attention to sonic detail is enacted with a freeform, narrative-in-progress spirit. It manages, in turn, to be both reflective and invigorating. The title of the track refers to a series of “acoustic laptops” that he has developed, a collection of “wood boxes with various tiny objects attached; springs, stones, metal, rubber, string, needles, memorabilia – amplified by contact mikes (piezos).” Each is a kind of sonic wunderkammer. View a gallery of them at

Bøe is based in the Canary Islands. More from him at and

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