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Listening to art. Playing with audio. Sounding out technology. Composing in code. Rewinding the soundscape.

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  • Saw the breezy destruction that is Iron Man 3. More of an ensemble film than the earlier ones. ->
  • The instinct to listen to a drone below this delicate music I’m listening to in order to drown out café chatter. ->
  • Splendid. RT @SethSHorowitz: @disquiet The right sound is attentional armor. ->
  • The color visualizations of novels ( ) make a good parallel to @christofmigone's Martian Chronicles sound study. ->
  • "It is Megadeth, not Megadeath." Correction in the New York Times for its obituary for Slayer guitarist. ->
  • Morning trio for refrigerator drone, wind, and passing automobiles. ->
  • Made a set of third Disquiet Junto project, expanded glass harp: Almost all the original 35 tracks are still online. ->
  • Not sure if @anydo lets existing users hook up new ones with accounts, but if someone could sign me up I'd like a peek. Thanks. ->
  • [email protected]_rehn @davidoreilly @pixlpa The Machine has my number. I had been intending today to request, via Twitter, its credit-sequence font. in reply to daniel_rehn ->
  • Belatedly made the connection that Yoko Ono had done interpretation for Kobo Abe, who had worked with her first husband, Toshi Ichiyanagi. ->
  • So, Iron Man 3 lacks Black Sabbath’s “Iron Man”but it has Fashion Police, which has Kelly Osbourne, not that she’s in the movie. #confused ->
  • Mistakenly thought installing the simple approach of todo.txt on my OS X laptop would be simpler. ->
  • This restaurant's sound system is like one of those YouTube channels that has retained only the bass line of radio his. ->
  • “Listening to radio waves / Underneath the covers.”I may interview Underworld’s Karl Hyde this week. Lemme know if you have questions. ->
  • Fun care package in the mail today from @SoundCloud. #sccommunity #stickers #tshirt ->
  • I have seriously dug teaching this sound course this semester. ->
  • Work is afoot on a Disquiet (.com) forum. Good to have place for @djunto folk to talk shop. Also: book/record/app discussions. ->
  • Daniel Asia’s essays are like Jurassic Park classical music fan fiction. I hope to live long enough to discern our era’s myopias. ->
  • Fun fact. On @soundcloud, William Basinski follows just three people, one of them being Giorgio Moroder. ->
  • This coming week's Disquiet Junto project, the 71st, is going to be majorly different from this week's. Can't wait to announce it. ->
  • RIP, composer Steve Martland (b. 1959). His Factory/Catalyst stuff was heavy rotation for me. via @robinrimbaud ->
  • Dear Musician on Label with SoundCloud Account: If the label posts music by you and you repost it, then it’s part of your feed. Magic! ->
  • Ah, put them in a set and spotlight the set. MT @arbeemonkey: @disquiet only thing is that you cannot place them in your spotlight. ->
  • I do wonder about that, too. MT @arbeemonkey: @disquiet I find it counter productive to have the same track on both artist and musician's SC ->
  • I was up even earlier than usual today. The Tuesday noon siren feels a long way off. ->
  • Ah, there it is. The Tuesday noon siren, right on time, echoing through a clear day. Now waiting for Mothra to land. ->
  • “We’re standing inside an external hard drive made up of people and paper.”That line and credits glitch made the latest Person of Interest. ->
  • “Shoofly don’t bother me / Go bother somebody else.”#honestnurseryrhyme courtesy of my 2.7-year-old. ->
  • You reacquaint yourself with project management services, and again realize that for a solo project a few spreadsheets are all you need. ->
  • Great interview with Karl Hyde just now, a half hour about fragments, sounds, songs, and urban life. ->
  • If you are interested in helping test run (participate in) the in-progress Disquiet forum/board, shoot me a note. Cc @djunto ->
  • Twitter really wants me to follow Gaslamp Killer and Joyce Carol Oates. ->
  • OK, we've got a dozen-plus people already signed up to test out the Disquiet (.com) discussion forum. Looking forward to this. ->
  • Today's sound class: equipment sales (Edison -> Dr. Dre); student presentations on competitive horse-carriage calls, sounds inherent in wine ->
  • Hoping it's archived. MT @qDot: Wishing I could be at CCRMA to see Robert Henke speak. At least it's being streamed! ->
  • In a "How does Twitter know to recommend people I listened to yesterday on SoundCloud but don't even follow there?" mood. ->
  • There are only four references to the 12 Tone Funk Orchestra in Google. ->
  • Participation in this week's @djunto would benefit from the possession of a Vimeo account. ->
  • We've got over two dozen people signed up to test run the Disquiet discussion/forum section. Looking forward to this. ->
  • The company @crashplan provided excellent customer support. ->
  • #IDMforensics ->
  • This week's @djunto project is special. We make music for trailer for an independent film that is currently filming. Fascinating subject. ->
  • Any @djunto people in/near New Haven, Connecticut? I'll be there for my college reunion in a few weeks. ->
  • I am so excited about this week's Disquiet Junto project. Launches in a moment. #musicfortrailer ->
  • This week @djunto makes music for trailer of @SenseTheWind documentary about blind sailors: ->
  • Major thanks to @SenseTheWind director Christine Knowlton for letting the @djunto collective try its hand at music for her film’s trailer. ->
  • Blind sailors. Subject of a documentary we make music for this weekend. First track: Film: ->
  • Noon bells. Traffic. Birds. ->
  • What joke made Brian Eno, Laurie Anderson, David Byrne, and Michael Stipe laugh this much? Via @TheKitchen_NYC gala, ->
  • Southland cancelled. The only U.S. drama that had the guts to not use a score. ->
  • Is there a popular movie within the Planet of the Apes where apes go to a planet ruled by horses? ->

By Marc Weidenbaum

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