Murk and Melody (MP3)

A Memorial Day track by Mark Rushton

The melody here is less a melody, really, than it is a collection of touchstones of melody. The core tones of the piece, titled “Mem,” are concise, like those of a synthetic piano. Occasionally they are heard in brief sequences that suggest compositional impetus, even if those sequences fade out like a dream shortly after waking. As the tones proceed in their sequence of sequences, there is the hint at melodic development, but that development more likely proceeds in the mind of the listener than in the composition itself. And the notes have a good excuse for failing to achieve melody-ness, because they are throughout under a slow assault by a thick, coalescing drone. The deep murk and gentle notes shift for just over eight minutes before calling a truce.

Track originally posted for free download at According to the brief liner note, “Mem” is “music created on Memorial Day 2013.” More on Rushton at

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