Four Summer Moods (MP3s)

From Sweden-based, Russia-born Natalia Kamia

Natalia Kamia goes by Kamikuma on her SoundCloud account. She has been posting a series there that she has called “summer moods” collectively. There have been four of these “moods” so far, numbered in succession: “Summer mood 1” through “Summer mood 3,” plus the fourth with an additional provocation: “Very dark summer mood 4.” Each has at its core a specific source material, and each plays in a percussive space that is neither drone nor rhythm nor melody, but something entirely other. “Summer mood 1” is made from “toy flute, industrial synth,” the gestural melodic material intermingling with ringing tones and shuddery noises. “Summer mood 2” has another toy in its toolbox, a toy piano, in addition to field recordings of a garbage truck and “trash percussion processed”; the result is deeply sublimated, the sound of nocturnal activity. “Summer mood 3” again has the gestural sensibility of recorded motion, an abused toy piano and more “trash percussion” at work. And as for the “very dark” “summer mood 4”, it is dark in intent, not tone, so quiet and remote that it sounds almost desperately frigid: summery, perhaps not, but most certainly a mood.

Tracks originally posted for free download at More from Kamia, who was born in Russia and is based in Gothenburg, Sweden, at

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