Karl Fousek v Karl Fousek (MP3)

A melding by Larry Johnson

The only thing better than an unexpected remix is one that occurs in such quick order that it happens while the mental echo of the source material is still in the process of receding, still remnant in the mind’s ear. Just two days ago here, focus was aimed at a bit of generative sound experimentation by Karl Fousek. The track, “cicada.pch,” was a short bit of light percussion, self-produced as the result of a project of Fousek’s. It turned out to be generative in more ways than that, because in turn it inspired “Small Sounds [Remix of Karl Fousek (analogue01)]” by Larry Johnson, who took material from “cicada.pch” and added in complementary sounds also produced by Fousek, namely the more slow-paced, ethereal “Musicbox Tape Drone”. This is the result:


Johnson’s reworking originally posted at soundcloud.com/l-a-j-1.

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