Post–Post–Tangerine Dream synthesis

A new track by Jon Monteverde


For all the talk of computer-aided abstraction and broken beats, of post-apocalyptic robotics and machine unlearning, there is an incredible strain of unabashed emotion in much electronic music these days. The sort of thing that once was associated primarily with Tangerine Dream now has a host of far more contemporary touchpoints, from Boards of Canada to the self-reoriented Squarepusher. Jon Monteverde balances interests in songs and abstraction in his work, often going to one extreme or the other. He reconciles them in a recent track, “Suddenly.” All Bach-ian chord progressions and hushed cymbals, “Suddenly”is both low key in its unfolding and, yet, outgoing in its aspirations.

Monteverde is based in Chicago, Illinois. More from him at

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