A Sardinian in Berlin (MP3)

A new track by Menion


A Sardinian musician living in Berlin the past two years, Stefano Ferrari records and performs as Menion. His new album, the self-titled Menion, was released earlier this month by the excellent La Bél netlabel, and what follows is the fourth of its ten tracks. The piece runs the gamut from gentle vibrating ambience to glitched-out guitar effluvia. It sounds more like a teaser collection of sample segments or a mini-suite of short-attention-span bits and pieces than a standalone track, but that is what it is. Among the several things that make it hold together splendidly is an interesting contrast, in that the vibrant passages are austere while the mellow ones are warm and enveloping — which is to say, it cools down when it heats up.

Get the full set for free download at labelnetlabel. More from Menion/Ferrari at menion.org and soundcloud.com/menion.

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