Another from Julsy (MP3)

The French recording artist likes her work to expand as it proceeds

Like the recent track of hers that appeared here yesterday, “Same Day Every Day,” the older piece “Shift”by Julsy can be heard readily to, well, shift as it proceeds. In the case of “Same Day Every Day”the shift was from very quiet to very bold, even if the quiet was early on interrupted by rhythm and the bold was more a matter of expansiveness, of epic breadth, than of volume or energy. “Shift”begins and continues for some time, easily half of its six and a half minutes, as a child’s lullaby, a bit of light jubilance played on what sounds like a toy xylophone filtered electronically so that it pulses somewhere between Steve Reich and Moby. But every child must grow up, and as the piece enters its final third, it’s as if a small orchestra joins the toy xylophone, with martial percussion and a horn section filling out things majestically.

Track originally posted for free download at Julsy is Julie Cocq of Montpellier, France. She participated in the “audiobiography”project on SoundCloud, so if you listen through the shimmer you can learn a bit more about her. More on Julsy at,, and The track’s cover artwork is by Psychonautical (

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