Tuonela Reports from Whoville (MP3)

A track of dust

So little appears to occur in the drone that is Tuonela’s “Shadow of a Shadow” that you might remove your earbuds to hear what is leaking through from the world at large. You’ll be using earbuds, or headphones, because the little that is occurring is so static — in both the primary meanings of the term, the one invoking motion and the other noise — that it requires attention. After removing your earbuds, you will recognize that nothing from the world at large resembles the thin hiss of “Shadow of a Shadow,” and so you will return to it, like Horton the Elephant attentively attending to a bit of dust.

Track originally posted for free download at soundcloud.com/tuonela-1. More from Tuonela, who lives in Australia, at tuonela.bandcamp.com

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