Return Engagement / “Sounds of Brands, Brands of Sounds”

I'll be teaching the course again this fall at the Academy of Art in San Francisco.

This coming fall semester I will again be teaching a course on sound in the media landscape at the Academy of Art in San Francisco.

The class meets Wednesdays from noon until 2:50pm. It begins on September 11 and ends on December 18. There are 15 weeks in all. The course is divided roughly into thirds. The first third is about listening, the second third (“Sounds of Brands”) is about how companies and products use sound to define themselves in the market, and the final third (“Brands of Sounds”) is about how sound-related companies (music social networks, record labels), people (musicians, bands), and products (headphones, record albums) define themselves. In the Academy of Art’s catalog (online at, the course goes by the title “ADV 499-30: Special Topics: Sound Branding.”

Previous posts about the course are collected here under the “sounds-of-brands” tag.

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