Where Beat and Background Merge (MP3)

An archival noise performance by Tore Honoré Bøe

Tore Honoré Bøe has posted four and a half minutes of a performance recorded live at Det Akademiske Kvarter in Bergen, Norway, back in 2001. It is an industrial drone that is interrupted regularly by a pounding, percussive element. This is self-evident in the waveform visualization of the track, what with all those ragged, saw-blade juts. The pounding at first is in stark contrast to the background sound, but as time passes what becomes clear is that the pounding is not so self-contained, that the sound of the percussive has a resonance that extends beyond its initial imposition of a beat. And as these attenuations come to the fore, the distinction between the background and foreground gets confused. It is often said that repetition is a form of change, but generally what that means is that repetition fuels the ear’s attention to previously unapparent variety; by contrast, in Bøe’s piece, as time passed it is similarities, rather than distinctions, that make themselves heard.


Track originally posted at soundcloud.com/origamirepublika. Bøe’s “acoustic laptops” were mentioned here back in May. More from him at origami.teks.no and twitter.com/origamiboe. He is based in Gran Canaria, Spain.

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