New Disquietude podcast episode: music by Lesley Flanigan, Dave Seidel, KMRU, Celia Hollander, and John Hooper; interview with Flanigan; commentary; short essay on reading waveforms. • F.A.Q.Key Tags: #saw2for33third, #field-recording, #classical, #juntoElsewhere: Twitter, SoundCloud, Instagram

Listening to art. Playing with audio. Sounding out technology. Composing in code. Rewinding the soundscape.

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  • RIP, Lou Reed (71). It'll be a Hudson River Meditations day. ->
  • Read article for free about not doing things for free by guy who acknowledges he did something for free. ->
  • The ambient music of Lou Reed, RIP: ->
  • Yes! MT @_muncky: best thing about this week's @djunto: it demands you take time to listen rather than just produce: ->
  • RT @RBMA: 15 conversations with people who have shaped the way we listen to music. Out soon. #fortherecord #rbma15 ->
  • Kudos to @geetadayal for getting at the tranformative experience of listening to Lou Reed's Metal Machine Music: ->
  • Layers FTW. MT @boondesign: @disquiet I was listening to SAWII + Stars of the Lid: Refinement was playing underneath on Spotify. Surreal. ->
  • Tuesday noon siren in San Francisco: ->
  • It's been almost two years since the Insta/gr/ambient compilation but SoundCloud + Instagram finally made good on it: ->
  • Still in the "looks forward to looking forward to SHIELD" state. ->
  • Someone takes the time to post a lengthy negative response to an obituary yet doesn't sign name or use real email address? Ah, discourse. ->
  • RIP, William C. Lowe (b. 1941), who oversaw the launch of the IBM PC (b. 1981): ->
  • I like XXL and read it every month but every time I read XXL I just miss Scratch. ->
  • RIP, Lou Reed (71). It'll be a Hudson River Meditations day. ->
  • Today in sound class: the human voice (public address systems, spokespeople, phone menus). Particular focus on Dr Nina Power & pop futurism. ->
  • Great in-class presentations by students today on the sounds inherent in pool halls and in domestic kitchens. ->
  • Psyched to have essay in book alongside @chairmanmaonyc @DDDrewDaniel @peterkirn @PhilipSherburne + + + #fortherecord ->
  • Tonight we moved our monthly SoundCloud API development group to @carbonfive. ->
  • Question 1: When will Google Drive spreadsheets be available offline on Macs? ->
  • Question 2: When is A$AP Rocky's instrumental album, Beauty and the Beast: Slowed Down Sessions (Chapter 1), finally coming out? ->
  • One good thing about my glasses: on Halloween all I do is let a bit of a Superman t-shirt be visible from inside my outer shirt ->
  • Nothing is scarier than witnessing company after company trying to make itself relevant to Halloween or vice versa. ->
  • That thing where you waste time looking for ways to make OS X allow you to right click to create a new txt file. ->
  • It's a good day to listen to Kid Koala. Which is to say, it's a day. ->
  • Peculiar sentence born of circumstance: Disquiet Junto project #96 (Lou Reed tribute) goes out shortly, now that Halloween has abated. ->
  • The 96th weekly Disquiet Junto begins. Due this coming Monday. A noise tribute to Lou Reed: #metalmachinemuse #rip ->
  • Already 2 tracks in Metal Machine Music tribute. Copper, steel, gold: Brass, nickel: #riplou ->
  • Q: Did you know RealPlayer is now RealPlayer Cloud? A: No, I didn't. ->
  • I'm only just beginning to use it much, but this now exists: ->
  • I'm looking for a part-time paid research assistant with interest in sound, tech, music, media, art. Bay Area preferred but not essential. ->
  • Pretty sure my three-year-old would enjoy it if asked to accompany me to a Saturday afternoon Ableton Push clinic at Robotspeak. ->

By Marc Weidenbaum

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