Drone Chorus in Search of a Verse

A work-in-progress from Austin, Texas' Darius Greene

Darius Greene recognizes the brevity and simplicity of “Dreamskin,” his recently uploaded track on SoundCloud. After a short burst of crowd noise, a gently plinking keyboard and drone combination proceed. In their tandem shimmer, those elements never quite veer from their steady pace. It’s like a chorus in search of a song, set on repeat in the hopes that someone might swoop in and provides a verse. The crowd noise never quite goes away, either. It lingers in the background, lightly nudged toward white noise. Greene describes it as being “meant as a short passing freebie. Also free as kind of a stem for anyone to remix or use in some other creative way.”

Track originally posted for free download at soundcloud.com/dariusgreene. More from Greene, who is based in Austin, Texas, at dariusgreene.com.

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