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Listening to art. Playing with audio. Sounding out technology. Composing in code. Rewinding the soundscape.

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  • Nice reflection on the two recent Oulipo-themed Junto projects by a participant: ->
  • Houston, we have a problem: on my phone/tablet, magazines hog more drive space than do video games. ->
  • Very much on my mind. MT @ioflow: idea for @djunto #0101: something in or inspired by binary. ->
  • Time-Life Books #computers #digitalnostalgia ->
  • Pretty nifty getting Crystal Method to score Almost Human. ->
  • Audio of Boston Symphony Orchestra on Nov 22, 1963, as conductor Erich Leinsdorf announces JFK assassination: ->
  • Via Almost Human: Segway & Blade Runner exist in the future; phones are longer; the Karl Urban model upgrades earlier Robert Forster model. ->
  • Score-oriented Netflix viewers will want to know that The American and Only God Forgives are both streaming now. ->
  • So, does everyone with an iTunes account get that One Direction pre-order email? Why in this day and age spam the world? ->
  • I've been on Android since the G1. I dig it. But this whole "the new OS is here but isn't here" thing has gotta get sorted. #kitkat #4point4 ->
  • The Powerball ads with a red ball among many white balls? Maybe it's the maudlin "California Dreamin'" but I always think: cancer cell. ->
  • Finally really blocking out a little time to learn Pd. ->
  • Assumed something might be buggy, maybe even crash regularly, in OS X Mavericks. Never thought it'd be, of all things, Preview. ->
  • Thought Ealy's Almost Human character is a DRM (not DRN) and the whole thing a metaphor for intersection of code and law. Well, not really. ->
  • Lengthy conversation with our 3-year-old, who wants to sing "The Antelope Song." Eventually it becomes clear this is "Home on the Range." ->
  • Excited about the new Arnold Lobel exhibit at @Jewseum. I remain convinced that Frog is John Cage and Toad is Morton Feldman. ->
  • Tuesday noon siren in San Francisco: ->
  • Hopeful for a Crystal Method album of its Almost Human cues, no track longer than 15 seconds. ->
  • selvie: 2014 word of the year, taking picture of your jeans ->
  • celvie: 2015 word of the year, taking picture of your DNA ->
  • cellvie: 2016 word of the year, taking picture of your tiny apartment ->
  • sylvie: 2017 word of the year, taking picture of your favorite tree ->
  • salivie: 2018 word of the year, taking picture of your tongue ->
  • tsilfie: 2019 word of the year, taking picture of your favorite esoteric Star Wars wikipedia page ->
  • Hadn't turned my iPad on in awhile. There are 75 app updates. ->
  • Today in sound class, one of my favorite lectures: music and social networks; making stuff together separately; "ambient participation." ->
  • The brief Boing Boing link/article about Madrigal's solid piece on Eggers' novel has more comments than the original post. Fascinating. ->
  • (San Francisco side note.) Whoever thought up the Muni 5L, I'd like to buy you a beer. ->
  • I love playing Kanye West and King Crimson in klass. ->
  • This week's Disquiet Junto project is the 99th weekly. It will be about video games. ->
  • Great blog entry by @CityLightsBooks on the Oulipo events of a week or so back, including the Junto workshop: ->
  • Music from airports: A sonic portrait by Monolake. ->
  • I'll be listening to this new Damu the Fudgemunk instrumental hip-hop set on @REDEFrecords all day: ->
  • Is "Mechanical Turk" problematic the way "welsh" and "gypped" are? Or does it get a pass because it's about an instance not an ethnicity? ->
  • Today will mark 99 weekly Disquiet Junto projects in a row. Amazing. Thanks to all the participants and listeners! ->
  • "Guy manning the sound board for a performance": Guttenfelder's North Korea Instagram photos: ->
  • Taking time off Damu the Fudgemunk for 12 hip-hop instrumentals by L'Orange from underneath his album with Stik Figa: ->
  • Chang's Beatles mix has 41k listens. His account has 138 followers. Short tail of NYT embed: ->
  • I need an app recommendation: an iOS 6 app that can do TTS (text to speech) from ePub. (On Android I use the great FBReader.) #prettyplease ->
  • From interview I did in 1998. Me: "This is Marc Weidenbaum and I'm with" Philip Glass: "What is that?" ->
  • Cassette from 1998. Great pair of interviews (Philip Glass, David Holmes) within two weeks, both on working in film: ->
  • Needed to bust this out today when I realized I wouldn't be at the office and needed to review archival interviews. ->
  • News alert: the 99th Disquiet Junto will involve, like, notes and stuff. Yeah, notes. ->
  • Project 99 in @djunto ( ) explores Xbox One startup sound. Informed by a @kirkhamilton post: ->
  • Looking forward to premiere of final season of Nikita. A favorite sound moment from last year: ->
  • At 41,000 streams of his White Album layers, Rutherford Chang had just 138 SoundCloud followers. With nearly 69,000, he's up merely 36 more. ->

By Marc Weidenbaum

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