Silence Beyond Punctuation

A solo piano piece by Glasgow's Elizabeth Veldon

In the recent solo piano piece by Elizabeth Veldon, “The Pure Water, Filled with Light,” the light may very well be the spaces between the notes. That’s an unnecessary distinction, because silence is a kind of note unto itself, so safer to say that the light is the space between the parts played between the piano. The piano is slow and studied, and at times meticulously random, brief moments of melodic fragments and sudden stoppages. The silences are of irregular length, which means that rather than serve as pauses, they stand as sonic content as well. One listens to the silences to hear what they contain, what they mean, rather than treating them as mere punctuation. It’s quite a feat.

Track originally posted for free download at More from Veldon, who is based in Glasgow, Scotland, at,, and

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