One Prayer Bowl Ringing

Buddhist-inspired digital processing by Jason Charney


The sound of one prayer bowl ringing is quite a bit more than the familiar lulling waveform when that ringing is sent through myriad processing routines. This is why while Jason Charney’s “PratÄ«tya,” named for the Buddhist concept of “pratÄ«tyasamutpāda,” veers from its opening ring tone, that which follows — overtones, and cicada chatter, percussive tweaks — always seems rooted in the source audio.

Track originally posted for free download at More from Charney, who is based in Ohio, at and

One thought on “One Prayer Bowl Ringing

  1. Heard a singing bowl over Christmas and was struck by how the drone manipulates your sense of space. If you listen with your eyes closed, the constant tone conveys a sense of all-space and no-space simultaneously as the room reflections are lost.

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