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  • Morning sounds: ice cracking in my coffee, refrigerator on stun, trash collectors passing in street. ->
  • It was quite nice to be largely off social media for a couple weeks, but it's good to be back. ->
  • First day of new year back at my desk. Drinking my iced coffee. Listening to music made of sound of ice in a glass: ->
  • Not sure which I enjoyed more: the "frak" in the premiere of Helix or the "ka-ching" elevator cue at start of most recent The Good Wife. ->
  • Yes, this coming Thursday's new Disquiet Junto project will be about the weather. ->
  • Evening sounds: laptop typing, passing automobiles (some evidently ignoring a well-lit stop sign), general electric hum. ->
  • And there's that time a Dubai art gallery asked me to recommend 10 works of sound art — and then hung it on the wall: ->
  • Tuesday noon siren in San Francisco: ->
  • Yo, people at CES this week, did any of you spy any new Nexus 7 (2013 model) keyboard cases? ->
  • The choreography-themed Disquiet Junto project is getting closer. It relates, tangentially, to my Aphex Twin book. Details in near future. ->
  • iPad busker: #instagram #music #urbanstudies #415 ->
  • Stoked. I'll be teaching my course on sound in the media landscape again this semester at the Academy of Art in San Francisco. ->
  • Regarding previous post, people get awful confused on the bus if the automated ticketing machine doesn't beep when swiped. ->
  • In San Francisco before Jan 31? Get to Highlight Gallery (Kearny St) for Chris Fraser show. Enter with 1 eye closed: ->
  • RIP, Amiri Baraka (b. 1934). His book Blues People is pretty essential reading. ->
  • You know the day you go to the library for some quiet to get some work done is the day they are installing new bookshelves with hand drills. ->
  • Treat the weather chart as a graphically notated score: Cc @djunto ->

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