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Listening to art. Playing with audio. Sounding out technology. Composing in code. Rewinding the soundscape.

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  • These Divergent movie posters were designed to remind me what a role Robert Heinlein played in young-adult sci fi. ->
  • 5 years ago this week Max Neuhaus died and I first wrote about Diego Bernal's music: 15 years ago I wrote on "NP." ->
  • Arvo Pärt cover ("Fratres") attributed to A Winged Victory for the Sullen and ACME Ensemble: ->
  • RT @hecanjog: First listen to SAWII after reading the first half of Marc Weidenbaum's SAWII book! #nowplaying ->
  • Fun is writing about a live event only to have someone who attended chime in in the comments: ->
  • Hopeful that Alexandre Desplat's Godzilla score is more Syriana and less Monuments Men. ->
  • We should read JG Ballard's High Rise as San Francisco's One City One Book 2014. (Last year it was @doctorow's Little Brother.) ->
  • Yes, I paused the Guardians of the Galaxy trailer for the trailer in order to get a glimpse of the raccoon. ->
  • RIP, Bob Casale (61) of Devo: ->
  • Tuesday noon siren in San Francisco: ->
  • "A Rusty Obelisk Made Out of Angel Sighs": @editaurus has folks praise Aphex Twin SAW2 on its 20th: ->
  • Meant it more as a joke yesterday, but today just mean it: the 2014 One City One Book in San Francisco should be JG Ballard's High Rise. ->
  • My early experience of Devo was on tapes dubbed from vinyl by a friend. Years later I discovered the tapes were faster than the originals. ->
  • Happy to read that my Aphex Twin book is in stock at @sakistore in Chicago. ->
  • Most beatific smile I saw today was on the face of guy having a cup of coffee and reading a Star Trek novel. ->
  • RT @newbsradio: Listen to find out how you can win these books and bags to carry said books from @333books and @disquiet!”¦ ->
  • Reminder that I'm talking at Stanford's CCRMA facility tomorrow if you're in the Palo Alto area: It's at 5:15pm. ->
  • Truly doesn't think you can fully get Cage and Feldman until you've read Frog and Toad. #hasa3yearold ->
  • Today's sound class: origins of the jingle; did advertising inventory shape song form? Plus: Reznor/Ross/Fincher, Dennis Potter, Southland. ->
  • Gave my first non-podcast, in-person public yap tonight at CCRMA. It was a great experience. Read a bit, but much more lecture than reading. ->
  • Also a first: signed my first book. A kid at Comic-Con once had me sign a copy of Shonen Jump, but this was my own book, which was cool. ->
  • Great moment: showed Disquiet Junto screenshot, and in the audience was a Junto member who appeared on that page. Had never met him before. ->
  • Weirdest thing about Aphex SAW2 after 20 years of listening and 1 year of writing: how familiar it is, having once been unknowable to me. ->
  • Those little Altoids Smalls cases sure do a fine job of holding and protecting a pair of earbuds. Bonus: minty fresh hearing. ->
  • RT @333books: Great 20th anniversary article on SAWII in @theQuietus by @NedRaggett with a nod to @disquiet's book: ->
  • RIP, Paul Colby (96), owner of the Bitter End: ->
  • RT @SactownMagazine: Former Tower Records magazine editor (@disquiet) writes the book — literally — on music legend Aphex Twin: http://t.”¦ ->
  • I need to come up with a gesticulation that means “I’m reading a really long subsidiary clause right now." ->
  • "Hot new games + music to celebrate Black History Month" (From a Google Play Store email.) ->
  • This week's @djunto project is calendrical. ->
  • Photo of server room at Stanford's CCRMA facility, where I gave a talk last night on my Aphex Twin SAW2 33 1/3 book: ->
  • Photo of innards of a Yamaha GS1 retrofitted with an Arduino to allow for a USB connection, also at CCRMA. ->
  • I believe you've written my first blurb, sir. MT @robsheff "love how it evokes the way music circa 1994 was suffused with unknowable data." in reply to robsheff ->
  • Many of us Aphex SAW2 listeners go to sleep listening to an album Chris Morris used as background music for his menacing comedy sketches. ->
  • Hey, Alarm Will Sound is on Instagram: #yieldtoartintransit ->
  • Whenever I see this sign I wonder why @AlarmWillSound isn't the headliner: ->
  • "I have no more power ups." "They're attacking wooden posts." "4,000 Damage? One Guy? Dude." Conversation overheard in library. #gamestudies ->
  • I contributed #TheNewOldThing on @YahooTech: The Latin Playboys' 1994 (yes, Aphex Twin SAW2 fans) debut: @YahooTech: ->
  • It's possible to be pro-CC and pro-CCC at the same time. This "Artists’ Pay for Radio Play" stuff is important: ->
  • #wikipedia I wonder if I could get one of them to add my book to the Aphex Twin SAW2 page: #editathon ->
  • If (1) you have a 2013 Macbook Air and (2) use Google Hangouts and (3) video functions for you, please let me know. Thanks. #magicfail ->
  • I enthusiastically support performers being paid for their covers. But the acts doing damage on this cafe's radio shouldn't make a penny. ->
  • Is isn't Kiev, but with the right mix of caffeine and '80s rock covers I imagine people storming the counter and changing the radio station. ->
  • Oh yeah, the book's out. Updated that Twitter bio. ->
  • Hey, San Francisco Hive Mind: please recommend good Indian or Latin American restaurant near Caltrain stop between San Bruno + Belmont. ->
  • RT @derderdebonair: So psyched about this #Berio concert poster I made. ->

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