SOUND RESEARCH LOG: Noise Pollution, the Hum Edition

At, Jared Keller dives deep into “the hum” — the Hum:

“The Hum” refers to a mysterious sound heard in places around the world by a small fraction of a local population. It’s characterized by a persistent and invasive low-frequency rumbling or droning noise often accompanied by vibrations. While reports of “unidentified humming sounds” pop up in scientific literature dating back to the 1830s, modern manifestations of the contemporary hum have been widely reported by national media in the United Kingdom, the United States and Australia since the early 1970s.

Here’s an “alleged recording of the Auckland Hum”:

The above map is from the World Hum Map and Database. More on the database at

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One thought on “SOUND RESEARCH LOG: Noise Pollution, the Hum Edition

  1. Live in uk, lived in same house for over 20 years. Started with a noise in the home affecting all of the residents. Only changes near the property are an LED light outside our front and a G4 mast approx 800 metres at the back of our house, a few streets away. Have sky dish and freeview.

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