Xenobiological Field Work – and More

A unique vision of elegant dread, outta Sweden

If “A Small Gray Object” by Sweden-based Pythagora were just the opening segment of downtempo pneumatic clang, it would be a find bit of minimal techno re-envisioned as a purely acoustic pursuit. If it were just what followed, a more meandering and droning expanse of sound design, it would be fine a horror score. If it were just the documentarian sound of grave digging and chain rattles, it would be a sheer nightmare vision. If it were just the subhuman grunting, subsumed in the quoatidian noise, it would be xenobiological field work. But, at under eight minutes in length, it is all these things and more. Whether through-composed or improvised live, with Pierre Sjöbring bearing a co-credit, it is a unique vision of elegant dread.

Track originally posted at soundcloud.com/pythagora. Pythagora is Dan Henry PÃ¥lsson of Malmö, Sweden.

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