Alt-worldly Liturgical Music

From Tim Rowe (InnerVox) of London

InnerVox is Tim Rowe of London, and “End of the Day” is a brief bit of his alt-worldly liturgical music. Not “other worldly,” which would suggest celestial in origin and exotic in its differences from our own, but alt-worldly: just different enough to suggest a realm in close near parallel proximity to ours, but one where even if the laws of physics are the same, culture and technology have proceeded slightly askew. The breathy chords of “End of the Day” have the texture of a pipe organ, but the rough timbral presence goes far beyond that of standard instrumentation. Slightly off-kilter, near-miss phrasings bring to mind the disorienting, around-the-beat essence of carillon bells.

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2 thoughts on “Alt-worldly Liturgical Music

  1. ‘End Of The Day’ conjures images of a small chapel next to the sea. An organist plays quietly, while a gentle sea breeze drifts over the organ pipes and carillon bells. This beautiful dusk chorus floats organically between harmony and dissonance. Sublime.

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