The Hamlet of CMS Cross-pollination

I've turned off the -> autofeed.

There’s probably no one who cares about this but me, but I wanted to mention that for the time being I’ve turned off the IFTTT “recipe” that automatically would take new posts from my site and then post the material here at The reason is simple: there’s a lot published at on a daily basis, because it’s a linkblog, and it can overwhelm I came to this realization this month: my sensitivity to not overwhelming the editorial balance was actually keeping me from posting more frequently to site. And the point of the site is to have as little in the way of a filter as possible — to just use it as a repository for lightly annotated links about the role of sound in the media landscape. On occasion I’ll do roundups here at of highlights from, and if a given takes on a little heft, I’ll cross-post it here, as I did earlier today with the piece on the sound of dining.

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