The Technology of the Ether

An otherworldly half hour from Malmö, Sweden

We have no accepted documentary evidence of UFOs, and yet we know what they sound like. They hover, and have a tonal system apart from our own — except when, to eerie effect, they actively embrace one of Earth’s, as in the classic sequence from Close Encounters of the Third Kind — and seem both ethereal and technological at the same time. The technology of the ether is the heart of “I Assumed the Same,” a piece that Malmö, Sweden”“based Pythagora (aka Dan Henry PÃ¥lsson) uploaded this week. It’s a “jamsession” (PÃ¥lsson’s word) he completed with Metek, a full half hour of murky jangles. They seem mechanical, conjuring up images of metal and routinized activity, and yet their otherworldliness is such that they can linger in the foreground and yet remain entirely out of reach.

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