New, Small Piece from Kent Sparling

The start of 10 one-minute tracks

It’s been half a year since Kent Sparling posted something to his SoundCloud account. That gap is probably good news for film-goers, since Sparling is an excellent sound designer and film composer (see his extensive credits at his IMDB page). But fortunately he took a break enough for a couple minutes of new, film-less work, in the form of this fluid, lulling piece (title: “Oregos in Fog”) that seems to play several different billowing sounds against each other — lush sounds that, in turn, billow at different rates, allowing for chance overlaps and tensions. According to a brief liner note it is the first of a 10-day plan to record as many one-minute pieces. This tracks in at closer to two minutes, but who’s going to complain? (As a side note, he lists the components as follows: “Simple analog and digital synths from the 1980’s, a rack of outboard signal processors and a Hohner Piano 36 melodica were the playthings.”)

Track originally posted at For reasons beyond me, he only has 66 followers on SoundCloud, so please consider adding his account to your cue. More from Sparling, who lives in Berkeley, California, at

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