A Gamelan Wind Chime

Built in software

This track is Stringbot trying things out in Numerology, the music software program that just saw its update to version 4.0 on November 25, a month ago. The software is self-described as being “all about building musical phrases by starting with simple patterns of repeating notes, and then manipulating the pattern with a set of easily applied transformations.” Among those transformations are “generative” capabilities — that is, changes that are not entirely predictable, such as engaging with chance operations or following evolutionary steps. I first learned about Numerology from Brian Biggs, who records as Dance Robot Dance. This track by Stringbot appeared in his SoundCloud feed on Christmas Day. It puts the chance capabilities to work in “Rando Gamelan,” yielding a gentle pattern that brings to mind a metal mallet instrument submitted to the operations of a wind chime.

Track originally posted at soundcloud.com/stringbot. Stringbot is Joshua Davison of Chicago, Illinois. More from him at twitter.com/stringbot and stringbot.com. More on the Numerology software at five12.com.

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