What to Call Drone Music After Drones

"One Note" by Finland's Michael Rooke

You can call it “drone” music, but the word “drone” has, of course, come to be synonymous with hovering agents of surveillance. So, Michael Rooke, the Finnish sound designer and coder, just calls it “One Note,” or at least that’s his name for a recently posted track. There is, arguably, more than one note to “One Note,” since that note dangles like a platonic ideal amid all manner of light, nuanced variations. It sounds like a bowed glass harmonica more than anything, this one intoned sound on repeat, the lulling pace of its sine wave see saw occasionally usurped by secondary, deeper tones. As Walt Whitman said in a different context, this one note contains multitudes.

Track originally posted at soundcloud.com/urlme. More from Rooke, who is based in Hyvinkää, Finland, at rookelabs.com.

2 thoughts on “What to Call Drone Music After Drones

  1. Are we already post drone?

    I still insist drone music must be the music of our time especially because of the dual meaning.

    Maybe it’s one note because the fundamental is the part that’s hardest to focus on with all those modulating harmonics. It’s a pretty track, thanks for sharing it Marc.

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