The Flute in the Cellar

By Katie English of Halifax, West Yorkshire

Isnaj Dui is Katie English of Halifax, West Yorkshire. Her work generally focuses on the flute, which, along with other instruments, is transformed through unusual performance practice, including electronic processing. The track “Dean Clough Cellar” is named for the Halifax business and arts center “that was once the world’s largest carpet factory.” The piece is gestural, the flute heard as a series of looped, layered fragments amid the ritual clank of, perhaps, pots and pans. Over the course of nearly four minutes, the looping provides a mechanical inflection to the flute, helping form a complementary pairing with the more percussive material.

More on Katie English / Isnaj Dui at and and at the label she runs, FBox ( A note accompanying “Dean Clough Cellar” says it was originally recorded in October 2014 for the awards show of the Dead Albatross Music Prize (

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