Lauren Sarah Hayes’ Improvised Techno

Direct from Edinburgh


By “Technoscribble,” the title to a track by Lauren Sarah Hayes, she might mean a rough draft of a techno track, or she might mean a track whose wandering, less-than-composed state is an intentional tweak on techno’s vigilant, beat-focused stick-to-it-ness. Either way, “Technoscribble” is a delight, an improvised 10-plus minutes of exploratory rubbery rhythmic engagement. It’s all fritzes and fuzzies, static and blips, wrangled into a pleasingly braing-tingly zone. It moves through so many stages, it’s more like a medley than a song, a sequence of varied metric volleys, each of which feels very much like a live performance.

Track originally posted at More from Hayes, who is based in Edinburgh, Scotland, at

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