It’s “Avril 14th”

Celebrate Aphex Twin day with Anthony Fiumara.

It’s April 14, which for some means the day before the due date in the United Staes for income taxes, and for others a reason to celebrate the British electronic musician known as Aphex Twin. “Avril 14th” is one of Aphex Twin’s most loved pieces, and that affection has resulted in a wide number of samplings (Kanye West, in the song “Blame Game”), remixes, and reworkings. The best known reworking is probably the arrangement by John Pickford Richards performed by Alarm Will Sound on its 2005 collection Acoustica: Alarm Will Sound Performs Aphex Twin. A couple days ago, Anthony Fiumara posted his own lovely acoustic-ensemble arrangement:

It’s part of a set of eight Aphex Twin arrangements by Fiumura. Full set first posted at More from Fiumura, who is based in Amsterdam, at and

And consider supporting the petition set up, as announced on Medium by Sam Bungey and Larry Ryan, to make Aphex Twin Day official.

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