Stasis in Darkness

A set of atmospheres by the Ambienteer, aka John Fahy

This set of nine tracks by Ambienteer lays out slivers of atmospheric tonal gestures. At a low volume they are barely discernible, fully on purpose, from the low level electric hum of daily life. At mid-level they are more likely to suggest activity one or two rooms over. Some, like “Echoic” and “Darkening,” include gentle sonic baubles that engage in rhythmic play, but the majority, like the opening “Aethereal,” are intentional wisps. One anomaly is “Ariel,” which layers in the Sylvia Plath poem from which it takes its name, the voice roughly recorded, seemingly like it’s emerging from the depths of history. The poem’s opening line, “Stasis in darkness,” could stand for this entire album.

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