Sound as Byproduct of Art

New audio/visual work from Zimoun, in part in collaboration with Richard Garet

There is no embeddable code for the new collaboration between Zimoun, best known for his minimalist cardboard and metal sound installations, and Richard Garet, an artist whose work also often involves sonic environments. It’s a single track, posted on the website of the label Leerraum, To listen, click through; it’s currently the topmost entry. It’s a low level texture of physical machines running some routine procedure, slow motion noise like things rubbing slowly against each other. Old gears. Ruined grooves. Broken devices. It is, I imagine, the byproduct of one of Zimoun’s phenomenal installations, in which a post office’s worth of cardboard boxes, or a startup’s worth of ping pong balls, or an orthodontist’s worth of wires, combine to create a low-fi generative patterning. The installations are always compellingly stark. Here we can only hear them, and ponder what engineering has produced this most minimal of technos.

Zimoun has been posting new videos of late at his feed. Here are some of the most recent ones. Watch them once. Then close your eyes and turn up the volume:

More from Garet at and Zimoun at

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