Jmmy Kpple’s Home Life

Domestic sounds, turned this way and that

Only three comments into the Jmmy Kpple track does its source material surface. In retrospect, there were clues. The track title, “weakov injune,” in the glitch spelling that’s at the core of Kpple’s generous pleasure center, suggests either a week off or a weak oven, or both. The sole accompanying text, aside from his standard “#cheap concrete” tag, is the spaced-out word “/ d o m e s t i c i c i t a t i o u s.” This is domestic sound, turned into something else, in this case a drowsy, dolorous clanging that slowly builds to a mild clamor. It’s just loose enough to be mistakable for a quotidian field recording, though of the deep bowels of a municipal substation, not of a contemporary residence. You might have been left imagining that Kpple had, indeed, wandered underground with a tape recorder, had he not responded to someone complimenting the piece — “Love the subtle metallic chords” — with the experimental-sound equivalent of a tell-all: “thanks – s’all slow-motion kitchen implements.”

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2 thoughts on “Jmmy Kpple’s Home Life

  1. thanks for the write-up Marc! I’m never totally sure how transparent i should be about sound ‘n’ sample sources; i don’t want to be unnecessarily evasive – my choices are typically arbitrary, capricious and based on what’s to hand – but equally to just go around spelling out exactly what came from where and how is… disheartening? Like, the fun is in the mashing and processing, the transformation, right? & the sound itself is the thing at the end of the day.

    1. Definitely. I hear you on transparency. I think it’s to each his own. That the news surfaces in the comments aligns well with the attention of your listener — the one interested enough to read on finds out; the rest linger in the sound-only zone.

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