A Finnish-German Duo Flirts with Cacophony

New track from Dark Mystereon (aka Anarchy4bits + Regenbot)

The brief liner note for this manic bit of synthesizer cacophony, approaching serial orchestral music at times, is pure tech talk, so if you’re not regularly following the details of contemporary modular synths and electronic-music software, just suffice to say that the piece is pushing several items in popular use to their limits. And then give it a listen. The track is “Circuits – A Human Way to Play Them” by Duet Mysteron. The result is at times like dozens of quickly vibrating instruments heard at once, and at others like a small foggy town full of car alarms that all go off at once. Which is to say, it’s all about simultaneity, at a large and small scale. That orchestral comparison isn’t cross-genre hyperbole. There is a harmonic component at the start, all clashing maximalism, and a melodic component toward the close, a through line of gentle probing, that have an admirable amount of certitude to them.

Track originally posted at soundcloud.com/duet-mysteron. Found via a repost by Anarchy4bits, out of Traunstein, Germany, who is half of Duet Mysteron. The other half is the Turku, Finland-based Regenbot.

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