Hard-Wired Bit of Clanging Industrial

That's "broke ears / nvr loud enuf" by Sayuna

Sayuna lists “broke ears / nvr loud enuf” with #ambientmuzak as its primary, and sole, tag on SoundCloud. The track is neither. An abrasive, hard-wired bit of clanging industrial, it pounds its way through. It is half production-line monotony, half tribal dance ecstacy. The high-pitched squeal that provides the closest the piece has to a riff brings to mind the intense whine at the heart of Aphex Twin’s “Ventolin,” which is high praise. It wavers like some external source — a bad connection, humid weather, a faulty socket — is causing the line to arc wildly.

Track originally posted at soundcloud.com/darkmatter. There’s little information on Sayuna at the account page. Where most people list their location, it simply reads “zone transient,” and the space for additional information is given over to a variety of other SoundCloud accounts and keyword searches.

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