Lee Ranaldo + Christian Marclay

Important Records uploads a sample of a track from 2008.

The Important Records label has been steadily uploading archival material from past releases to its SoundCloud page, such as this eight-minute stretch of a quiet quartet led by guitarist Lee Ranaldo, best known as a member of Sonic Youth. The track dates from 2008 and features Alan Licht on guitar, Christian Marclay on turntables, and William Hooker on drums. Marclay’s playing is especially syrupy and lovely, less hard-edged cut’n’paste than a soft, warbling interplay between source material, as he’s constantly slowing the vinyl in a way that makes the music sounds like it’s melting. The parallel brings to mind Salvador Dalí’s bowed clocks as much as it does Kid Koala’s sad-toned, downtempo beatcraft.

Track originally posted at soundcloud.com/importantrecords. More on the original release at importantrecords.com. More from Ranaldo at leeranaldo.com.

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