Nicklas Lundberg’s Aleatoric Voicings

Like the Roches covering Arvo Pärt

Nicklas Lundberg of Sweden uploads audio to SoundCloud under the various names, including Back Porch and Entryway. These appear not to be names, however, so much as points of orientation. Lundberg lists “Entryway” as his “main account,” which makes “Back Porch,” in contrast, a place where he presumably tends to his less common creative practices. One hopes that the practices that inform the dramatically titled “Greater Duophonic Mass Part 02 – (parallel modes and aleatoristic melodies for long digital notes)” become more common for Lundberg, because the results are beautiful — harrowing at times, yes; emotionally draining even, yes. But, beautiful nonetheless, like the Roches covering Arvo Pärt around a camp fire. It’s a nearly 20-minute piece of layered singing, the parts passing with the chance criss-crossing hinted at in the title (the “aleatoric” part). At times a voice comes to the fore, a deep groan or a high, piercing screech, but it all, in the end, is subsumed into the mass. That’s “mass” in both the density and liturgical sense of the word.

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