A New Album of Shoegazer Cello Beauty

From the OO-Ray, aka Ted Laderas of Portland, Oregon


Ted Laderas, who goes by OO-Ray when he’s piping his cello through layers of effects and, in turn, breathing out reams of lovely music that’s half classical and half shoegazer, has a new EP out soon, a half-hour cassette titled Vespers. The album’s name, taken from the early evening prayer, is certainly appropriate, as his music often has the aura of a cathedral, in both its sense of space and its contemplative presence. This two-minute sample of Vespers does not disappoint, with deep echoing of subsumed sawing, the effect as much like an organ as like a chorus.

Vespers comes out December 4 at lifelikefamily.bandcamp.com. Track originally posted at soundcloud.com/ooray. More from Laderas, who is based in Portland, Oregon, at twitter.com/ooray and 15people.net.

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