Percussive Ambient

An Indonesian exploration from Gregory Taylor

The track “Hitam Jumat” by Gregory Taylor bears the simple accompanying line “not buying anything. not me.” The piece was posted around November 27, which suggests it as a response to — a respite from — the consumer frenzy that is Black Friday (the day after Thanksgiving) here in the United States. It consists of a field of light percussion and gently dissonant, organ-like chords. The percussion plays as a repetitive, circular theme, the tone somewhere between a gamelan and a Caribbean steel drum (Taylor himself tagged it as #Indonesian). The dissonance plays against the percussion. It’s a bit more brooding. It will momentarily abide by the underlying rhythm, but then hold back, or add a beat, or go in a different, more diffuse direction. This is a beautiful recording, even as it actively undermines the very hush that it evokes.

Track originally posted at Taylor is based in Madison, Wisconsin. He has recorded for the labels Stasisfield, Palace of Lights, and c74, among others.

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