Madeleine Cocolas Maps Cascadia

A taste of her debut album, due out December 8


The composer Madeleine Cocolas has a new album, Cascadia, her first ever, due out in a few days. Two tracks from Cascadia have been posted in advance, the highlight being “I Can See You Whisper.” It combines lines of piano and strings with an interest in economy and momentum.

The piece emerges out of an opening sequence in which the classical instrumentation is warped and backward masked. That sense of materializing is echoed in a more analog manner later when the strings are heard coming in just as held piano chords begin to fade. The piece puts the piano and the strings through both slow and speedy paces, pitting them against each other, and noting congruences. It’s rich with filmic minimalism. The full album, cover below, is due out December 8 from the label Future Sequence. Cascadia is the result of her “52 weeks” project, which has been covered on in the past.


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