Glitch Is Doing Fine

Thanks to next-generation work like this piece by Encym

Glitch is doing fine, thanks. Certainly the once rarified, formerly left-field approach to isolating and celebrating errors intrinsic to digital media has long since gone mainstream, gone from sound experiment to plugin, gone from exotic ear-worm to everyday background music. But there’s plenty of life left in the pursuit of sounds that break upon impact, sounds whose impact is in the breaking, in the loveliness implicit in fracture lines. “Suturv0,” posted on the “overflow” account of London-based Encym, isn’t glitch by immediate association. Sure there are digital stutters and microsonic breakbeats, but it is far more than that: thudding drums that go nowhere slowly, circuit-breaker ambience that teases with your earbuds, water-drop percussion that doubles back on itself. All those things here have their own unique brokenness to them, collectively making for a denser kind of glitch.

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