Exploring the Object-ness of Sounds in Audio Headspace

And other pleasures from Cullen Miller's new album, Simulateur

Cullen Miller has a tremendous new album out, titled Simulateur. It’s a collection of 11 electronic ventures that move from gentle, prismatic percussion (the opening track, “Objecthood,”whose title expresses the physicality, the object-ness of the sounds in audio headspace) through shuddering drones (the glitchy light noise of “Purple Cycle”). The majority explores minimal techno, from its outer dubby realm (the enticing “Formant Network”) to more club-friendly, if still metrically complex, beats (“Euclidean Tropism”). Wonderful stuff throughout.

Album originally posted at soundcloud.com/cullenmiller. Get the album as a free download at pointlinesurface.com. More from Miller at cullenmiller.tumblr.com. Full disclosure: Miller taught me everything I know about Audacity, more or less.

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